Top 10 Attractions in Waterloo

by Greenport Kitchen

Posted on Jul 26, 2019 by Greenport Kitchen

Take a look at some of Waterloo's top attractions that we think are perfect for you. These are amazing to experience with your partner, friends and family.

1. The London Eye

See the iconic 360° London views from the top of a London icon.  You can even buy Combination Tickets where you can combine your London Eye ticket with up to 4 of London’s top attraction.

2. London Dungeon

Enjoy a journey through the past of London with its very own Sweeny Todd to mass murderer, Jack the Ripper. Experience the devastation that the plague cost Britain and check out the spookiest cemeteries.  Have you got the guts to make it in the dungeon?

3. Sea Life London Aquarium

Discover the creatures of the deep at the Sea Life in London. Find out about a variety of sea life creatures like jellyfish, penguins, turtles and seahorses. You will even have the chance to learn about the kings of the sea, the sharks! Great for a family treat! 

4. Imperial War Museum

The Imperial War Museum is a collection of five museums and site filled with a history covering the war and conflict from the First World War to now. The sites have a unique collection that tells the stories of the English people’s lives and England engulfed in war. The museums tell the story of how war has shaped the world we know today.

5. Florence Nightingale Museum

Celebrate the life and work of the most famous nurse at the Florence Nightingale Museum. Visitors from all over the world travel to the museum to more about the Lady with the Lamp and her Victorian world. Discover the Florence legacy, her influence on nursing today and how, even now, she still impacts modern medicine.

6. Lower Marsh

Lower Marsh is home to the best restaurants, shops, cafes and bars that London has to offer. The name Lower Marsh originates from Lambeth Marsh which was established long before Waterloo and South Bank and yet it still stands as a small area in the district. Lower Marsh is also home to the most famous London market which is well worth the visit.

7. The Young Vic

The Young Vic Theatre offers a wide range of the highest quality theatrical works at low prices for the most diverse and engaged audiences in London. You will never feel like you have been in the same place twice due to the fantastic backdrops and props in their award-winning super-flexible theatre.

8. The Old Vic

The Old Vic plays host to a whole range of creativity and entertainment with opera, dance, cinema, music hall, classical dramas, variety, big spectacles and novelty acts. Being one of London’s only independent not-for-profit theatres, the Old Vic is leading the world in the art of creative theatre and music.

9. The Southbank Centre  

On the South Bank of the Thames is the world-famous arts centre, the Southbank Centre. With their extensive range of venues including the Royal Festival Hall, The National Poetry Library, Hayward Gallery, Queen Elizabeth Hall and Purcell Room, they offer a wide variety of small and large festivals and events for all tastes.

10. Zip Now London

Zip Now London is the perfect place for a thrill-seeker with the chance to fly high over the beautiful views of London’s never-sleeping skyline! Everything from the Houses of Parliament to the notorious London Eye.  Are you ready for Zip Now, the fastest city-centre zip wire in the world?



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