Our Head Chef, Daniel Marsh

by Greenport Kitchen

Posted on Aug 16, 2019 by Greenport Kitchen

Daniel Marsh, our head chef here at Greenport Kitchen, has been here working with our company since 2014 and gracing our restaurant with his culinary genius ever since.

Daniel has “always had a love for cooking and constantly experimented with new cuisines while growing up.”  He experimented with “homemade sushi, pasta rolling to cooking an Indian curry from scratch” gaining all his knowledge from cookbooks and television shows. He enrolled in a cooking course at college and after completing his first year was hired Assado by Cyrus Todiwala. We continued to work hard, learn and grow and now holds the position of Head Chef with us! Daniel says “It definitely wasn’t an easy ride, being a chef is not an easy job. It’s fast-paced, high pressure, long unsociable hours on your feet. But it all pays off when you hear those 4 words- Compliments to The Chef!” Daniel’s favourite part about working with us is the team. Our team is small, and they have “become like family.”


Quick Fire Questions:


Favourite dish to cook:

A tough one as there are just too many I love to make. I think it would have to be between Chicken, Bacon and Mushroom Pie and Smoky Beef Goulash. I love cooking both, they both are perfect examples of slow-cooked, big hearty meals that I love to prepare.

Top 5 flavours:

1. Parmesan - Adds a wonderful umami flavour and can really enrich a dish. Most people just tend to think of this as a cheese, but it is so much more, it adds depth of flavour, richness and seasoning.

2. Fresh chilli- I love spice and good fresh chillies add the perfect kick.

3. Smoked paprika- sweet, smoky and full of flavour, love to use it in marinades.

4. Garlic- as a chef I find it such a shame when people don’t like garlic. I personally love it and can’t get enough.

5. Ginger- usually associated with Asian cooking but it adds a subtle heat to a lot of other sauces and stews.

Cooking Tips:

Seasoning is key. Always, always season! (and always only once you’ve started cooking, especially for meat. If you season meat whilst marinating it has a tendency to draw all the moisture out.

Guilty pleasure food:

Super spicy chicken wings (the spicier the better.)

Best part of the job:

The joy on people’s faces when they try something new you’ve created.


Come and try some of his dishes at our Waterloo restaurant! 

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