What makes the perfect Pizza?

by Greenport Kitchen

Posted on Oct 04, 2019 by Greenport Kitchen

We all have our favourite pizza toppings, from the classic pepperoni to the love/hate…

What makes the perfect Pizza?

The best pizza toppings

We all have our favourite pizza toppings, from the classic pepperoni to the love/hate relationship with pineapple. Some of the world’s most popular toppings include bacon, mushrooms, chicken, ham and olives. We spoke with our team and found out our collective top two:

  1. 1. Wild Mushroom & Truffle Oil


  1. 2. Nduja Sausage, Salami & Rocket


Top tips to making the perfect pizza

If you like to make your own pizza but struggle to get them just right, then here are a few top tips to make your pizza perfect!

  1. 1. Picking the best flour - Always use 00 flour! The Italian style flour is finely ground which makes the pizza dough easy to work with and stretch beautifully.
  1. 2. Kneading your dough - Make sure you knead your dough to perfection by ensuring your flour to water ratio is correct. It should be slightly sticky to the touch.
  1. 3. Not a pro? Not a problem - Not everyone has the natural knack for stretching the dough ball into a perfect circle, so don’t be afraid to use a rolling pin.
  1. 4. Timing is everything - You know your pizza is ready to eat when the underside of the base is golden brown and all the cheese is completely melted.
  1. 5. The perfect cut - The best way to cut your pizza evenly is to cut it into quarters. The cut those quarters in half.

What to have with your pizza

We all have a favourite drink but our team has found the best accompaniment for a pizza.

  1. 1. A glass of Sauvignon Blanc or Malbec


  1. 2. A lovely craft cider with lots of ice for those sunny days



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