Meet the Team

Our friendly team at Greenport Kitchen are truly passionate about the food they serve and with the best ingredients, it's hard not to be! 

If you are allergic to any food or have any dietary requirments, please inform a member of the team and they will be happy to assist you with your choice.

Daniel Marsh

- Senior Sous Chef

"Greenport Kitchen has given me the opportunity to cook food that I am passionate about. I use traditional methods to cook and produce an entire menu from scratch every single day. Greenport Kitchen prides itself on using only the best beef and chicken you can find in the UK as well as importing flour and tomatoes straight from Italy twice a week"

Thomas Panickamuriyil

- General Manager

“Great customer service and a great product is always the key to success. I believe that by sustaining a happy workforce, you will achieve happy customers who will recommend the hotel and restaurant to friends and family” 

Mikel Gkounta

- F&B Manager 

"Growing up on a small Mediterranean island, were we welcoming over a million tourists during the summer months meaning hospitality and food is part of our life. Greenport Kitchen is giving me the opportunity to do what I really enjoy – which is providing our guests with some of the best hospitality you can get in London"

Samoneh Khan

- Assistant Restaurant Manager 

"I am extremely passionate about food and relish the fact that Greenport Kitchen uses fresh and high quality ingredients to provide guests with comforting food at affordable prices. I love to see happy people in our restaurant enjoying the food and having fun!"

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