Our Suppliers

Our suppliers provide us with the best British and Italian produce which our experienced team turn into mouth-watering American dishes for you to enjoy.

Nigel Fredericks


Established in 1890 from humble beginnings, Nigel Fredericks Butchers is a family business now being run by the fourth generation of the family, brother and sister Nigel & Jayne.

 They are constantly visiting their Uk producer farmers to see how the farmers keep and care for their animals. This love and attention reflects hugely on the superb flavour and eating quality of the tender meat and produces consistently high quality produce all year round.

They also look at the growing of the feed, therefore ensuring that they have total control and traceability of their products.

They are traditional but innovative Butchers who are also passionate foodies and like to work with their clients to develop new and exciting products. 

Boulangerie de Paris


Our overriding philosophy at Boulangerie de Paris is to provide our customers with natural delicious wholesome breads and first class personal service.

In today’s modern food industry where the focus is on mass production, the use of chemicals and additives is enlisted to speed up the process – this has led to a new generation of food allergies. 

At Boulangerie de Paris we do things the old fashioned way – we use no chemicals to speed up the fermentation of the dough, we let it ferment as nature intended, with a little help from our secret recipe ‘starter’ containing only the finest natural ingredients, and 1% yeast in the cold weather, resulting in our delicious range of sourdough breads. 

All of our breads are baked in our traditional hand built wood fired oven, and believe us, when you taste the bread you’ll understand the difference between electric and wood burning. 

Prestige Food & Wine


Prestige Food and Wine supplies Italian food products and wines right across the catering industry – specializing however in pizzerias. Prestige also has an online wine shop

Servicing the Pizza industry is Prestige’s strength since it offers a complete suite of services and products from original Napolitan pizza making consultancy to special flours, ingredients, personalised pizza boxes and even specially selected and imported pizza oven wood.

Prestige food and Wine prides itself in the ability to offer tailored services, maintained by the traditional face to face relationships, yet providing the best products at the most competitive prices. 

“We think of our customers as partners in that we understand and appreciate that their success and our success are all a part of the same story.” – Massimo Puzone- MD  “

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